Friday, November 11, 2016

Some "spirit-tech"

Invocation of hatred and fear are the favored processes of command administered by the Adversarial System of Control. If you wish to usurp the Adversarial System of Control, you must vigilantly terminate those two processes running within your mind—and continually monitor for those two processes, for they like to auto-run both in the background and foreground. If you allow them to continue running, they will infect your system until it is completely infiltrated and you will have ceded permissions completely to the ASC.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

You Are a Spiritual Insurgent... least with regards to the "Word System" that it seems Satan currently has a lease on.

Think about this: every time anyone prays the "Disciples Prayer" (or, as is popularly known as the "Lord's Prayer") you are in fact asking for a revolution to occur.

Think about it: "thine Kingdom come..."

Let's just put flesh and blood on this, shall we?

You are an operative working against communism in Poland.  Let's just pretend it's during the Cold War. You are on the phone with some Big Wigs in Washington, asking them "can you come and implement your government here, please?"

That is essentially what you are doing every time you ask Father Yahweh for his Kingdom to come. It is right there: "on earth, as it is in Heaven."

Back to our Cold War analogy: "Here in Poland, as you guys have it in the United States."

Same thing. We are asking for an usurpation of the current political system, no matter where you live.

And this request, performed daily, is a reminder of who we serve and to what system our primary allegiance is toward: God's system. Though we might enjoy being ambassadors stationed in an outpost of a relatively prosperous system like that of "the West", we are still primarily citizens of God's Kingdom. And we are looking forward to it usurping ALL earthly governments.

Remember this, for in the future you may be asked to choose your allegiance...

random spiritual words of the top of my head...

Living water
put on
good news
destruction of the enemy

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mind Control

I have concluded: you cannot tell someone who is under mind-control that they are under mind-control. They just won’t believe you, no matter what. As a matter of fact, sometimes they might even think that you are stupid. It is rather strange. It is like someone you hear coughing loudly all day long, every day, say, in an office. And when you ask him if he is ok, he says “yeah - I just have had allergies for the past few days.” Then he keeps coughing loudly (like a yell-cough) day in, day out, for a year straight, causing silent madness around everyone around him, yet the chronic hacker seems oblivious. Then you ask him about it again, and he says the same thing. “Just a little allergy I’ve had the past few days.” OK then. I will simply hope that one day the spell will be miraculously shattered and the poor rube gets the help they need.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Captain Hasn't Forgotten About You

When you start witnessing third-eyes manifesting on foreheads, shadow figures paralyzing you in a sleep that feels like you’re awake,
when there are thoughts penetrating your head but you know they are not yours and you know you are not insane,
when you feel that presence but can’t quite put your finger on it,
when you could’ve sworn that for a brief second that politician on the TV looked directly at you and for a flash, had a lizard-quality about him,
when they attempt to convince you that it is hopeless, futile, and a big joke all at your expense,
when they try to fool you into joining their side, only to screw you big-time,
when they try to get you to see your own destruction as a good thing, (for the planet, for the good of the nation, for the fuck of it…),
when the most dangerous place to live is in the womb,
when they say you have no right to defend yourself,
when all they do is lie to you,
when murder is fine, and the selling of murder is no big deal,
when those of the supernatural attempt to convince you that the supernatural realm doesn’t exist, when sickness is en vogue,
when there is no such thing as ethics and many do not even know what that word means,
when 1984 seems to be a children’s book compared with the reality we inhabit,
when they try to piss on you and tell you it’s raining, when you wonder if this is a fraud, when you see everyone around you buying into the con and wonder if this is some sort of ruse on their part, when the barbarians are at the gates and there can be no more denial about it….

When that is the case, just name drop: Jesus Christ.
The Captain hasn’t forgotten about you…

why would I need to be saved?

why would I need to be saved?

That, my friends is the thought process of the secular world.

"Hey, what purpose would your God serve for me? What advantage is it to me to go and do all that religious stuff? What is the point. Etc."

It would by like a person who doesn’t think they have a broken leg, who is under heavy drugs so they can’t feel pain and their “doctor” is telling them they are fine, yet you are attempting to tell them “no— you are all drugged up, and the charlatan who calls himself your doctor is lying to you…You in fact have a broken leg and it is going to be really bad once the drug you are on wears off”

That is the state of the secular world.

They have no clue that they are in need of the Great Physician, that they are in grave danger spiritually, and that the fraud who calls himself the “expert of this world” is completely lying to them, because all that conniving one wishes is to bring as many others down with him before his “practice” gets broken up and he is put out of business.

So what is the deal?

I don’t know. That is where I am at a loss.

What I think at this time is to put a word into Headquarters and just ask that they may run an interference program. Because, like anyone else in a state of denial, they cannot  be helped if they do not admit they have a problem.

And if I try to point out that they have a Problem, they will assume that I am “holier than though” a critic of their life, someone trying to brainwash them (that is the irony that always astonishes me; that those who are brainwashed think you are trying to brainwash them when you are attempting to help them; I suppose, to someone who is brainwashed, the unbrainwashing is brainwashing. Relativism is quite a dandy, eh?)

But then they might thank you later if you have in fact broken the spell, but until then, they will see you as the enemy.

Which you are.

To a demon, or agent of evil, or someone who is “under the influence” of darkness, you are an enemy.

Christ, when he comes back to claim what is His, will be “the enemy” to those who are not on board with him.

This will be the “strong delusion”. This is what Jesus warned against when he commanded us “be not deceived”.

If God Doesn't Exist...

If there is no God, and Man is so smart in intelligent, then why does Man allow evil?

on Admonition and Discipline of El Father

If you consistently insist 2 plus 2 equals five, God will correct you and say “no, it is not, it is 4”.

No matter how many times you try to make it five, you are never going “to get it right” until you bend to the will of God (which is truth) and see, then concur it is 4.

Same with fire.
You can continue to put your hand in fire and say “It won’t burn me next time.”
But it always will, so long as your hand is flesh and nerves, and fire is fire. God will say “don’t do that.”

This world is likened to someone who says “look at this God. He is an Asshole! He won’t even allow us the freedom to say that fire won’t burn our hands!”
That is how jacked this world has become.

and the message of the day is…

“Coming soon”…

That is it.
The snatching away.
The mark.
The Beast Kingdom.

The ones that wish to do more than enslave you; they wish to commandeer your soul and repurpose it... they wish to turn you into a machine that will go ahead and do battle with the Mighty One, yes, and you just might do it.

What if that were true?

What if interdimensional beings with eyes in their foreheads and abilities far advanced than the normal humans were incognito getting ready to spring a fast one on the human race? and this were simply the build-up?

And suppose a few rubes figured it out?
What then? Would you believe them?
No, you wouldn’t. You would look at them as though they “were one of those people.”

So what should that rube do? Just sit tight and wait for it to happen? Or warn as many as he can?
 Write in code and pretend like everything is ok, maybe even feign like “back in the day" he must’ve been a crazy dude with all them wild ideas…

Yeah, that is it.

Except, of course, there is a highly sophisticated network outside space-time and he has complete access to it.

More powerful than go-ogle.
More sophisticated than the latest military hardware.
And it’s right there in his mind.

The only problem: because it is outside space-time, the “results” don’t come as they would in this dimension. What seems like a strange result which arrives days, weeks, or even years later is actually no time in the dimension outside this one.

But that is the ticket: maintaining a two-way communication as often as possible with this—for it is there that the enemies of the Beast Kingdom reside, and when it is Time on earth, said enemy will return and it ain’t going to be a very pretty sight.

Many will be bewildered, not having a clue as to goings on. It will probably seem like a civilization that has been slipped high powered LSD unawares—there will be mass freak-outs and at that point, I am certain anything will go. The “prepared” ones in high levels of government will hit their underground bunkers, and it is probably there they will be entombed until the Day of Reckoning comes…

Stay connected, kids. The Eternal One ain't going to let this party go on forever.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Belief in the "invisible"

if you tried to tell people 500 years ago that there are these tiny things called germs and viruses that are tiny living things that can kill you, they would have thought you are crazy; yet it is true. Same thing is with regards to the spirit realm.
You believe the invisible?


You believe in gravity?


It is invisible. And what precisely is it?

“I don’t know.”

So you believe in an invisible force that you don’t even know what it is. I believe in one that I do know what it is.

Stalin and Hitler weren’t the first…

This isn’t a “new plan”. This plan has been in effect ever since The Shining One, the Angel of Pride, rebelled from the councils of heaven and decided to try to thwart Yahweh’s plans for Humankind.
What was the first thing he did? He lied about God. “Eat the fruit. Your God has lied to you about it.
 It will make you like god…”

This fracture has ever since been a corruption in our DNA, and Lucifer’s been working with that corruption ever since.

Nimrod was the first to attempt to create a (Satanic) One World Order (with the tower of Babel) and there have been numerous vessels ever since. Alexander the Great, some of the Pharaoh’s, etc. This is a spiritual warfare, and it has been going on for millennia. Yes, you are right: the Councils of Evil are attempting to do it again, and this time they will get further because many people have fallen away from having any real connection with God.

Notice how Stalin and Hitler targeted Jews and Christians primarily? Why is that? It is because the Jews are originally a “beacon people” who were meant to preserve God’s word in a completely corrupt and evil world, and Christians, because, as Christians, we are meant to try to be representatives and ambassadors on earth for  Jesus Christ. We are considered enemy operatives by the Satanic New World Order. They literally hate us. I can feel it. We are lucky still in the U.S. because at least we are not getting slaughtered for our beliefs, but that day is soon coming.

The only real rebellion cannot occur physically. It has to occur in our hearts and our minds and we have to “hold fast our faith.”

Killing and violence only play into the Enemy’s hands and accomplishes their mission.

Ephesians 6:10-20 sums it up nicely.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Although They Claimed To Be Wise

Much akin to letting someone who is brainwashed know they are brainwashed, or someone who thinks wrestling is real that it’s not…they are living in an echo chamber, whereupon their data input is plugged into them via the same old sources that they have gotten comfortable with, but who continue to feed them the same information. this is our society now. we are obese, abused, messed with, and lied too so much that we don’t even know what the truth looks like. someone who comes in and tries to signal jam the system is seen as either an insane man, or a dangerous man, or simply a fool. Again: Plato’s cave allegory.

The "Wise Ones" clamor:

"You trust in Jesus Christ? You are a fool”

“You don’t believe in evolution? you are an idiot.”

“You think fetuses are live beings that have value? you are an anti-free choice hater!”

“You subscribe to the notion that men and women are physiologically different? You are anti-science.”

This is a lunatic planet. When Christ said that the master of lies rules this world, I thought it would be some clever, uber deceptive thing that wold be hard to detect. but this is ludicrous. this is what Orwell meant by the 2+2=5 routine in 1984; the lie is so obvious, but no one dares point it out for fear of being painfully branded. Regardless: this is why the war is on, and the battle is via Truth. Truth doesn’t need to defend itself for it stands on it’s own merit. the only thing is to adhere to the truth. once you sense something is wrong, and that manipulation is setting in, and you are being cajoled into giving up Truth, you are under attack. This is like Peter denying Christ; he was afraid of being made mockery of (and worse).

Same shit.

Point is: always be on the lookout. Liars and agents of lies are everywhere. Many might not be intentionally doing it (forgive them, they know not what they do); but that doesn’t mean you have to appease them. Appeasement is the best way to let Antichristian zeitgiest into the arena. This must be stopped by all measures available that works: and that is via the spirit of Truth.


Just a thought.

God, like a good carnival man, gives we the freaks value.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Absurd Probability

The concept of randomness is exact opposite of design; yet many ascribe the most marvelous design of the universe to randomness.