Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Belief in the "invisible"

if you tried to tell people 500 years ago that there are these tiny things called germs and viruses that are tiny living things that can kill you, they would have thought you are crazy; yet it is true. Same thing is with regards to the spirit realm.
You believe the invisible?


You believe in gravity?


It is invisible. And what precisely is it?

“I don’t know.”

So you believe in an invisible force that you don’t even know what it is. I believe in one that I do know what it is.

Stalin and Hitler weren’t the first…

This isn’t a “new plan”. This plan has been in effect ever since The Shining One, the Angel of Pride, rebelled from the councils of heaven and decided to try to thwart Yahweh’s plans for Humankind.
What was the first thing he did? He lied about God. “Eat the fruit. Your God has lied to you about it.
 It will make you like god…”

This fracture has ever since been a corruption in our DNA, and Lucifer’s been working with that corruption ever since.

Nimrod was the first to attempt to create a (Satanic) One World Order (with the tower of Babel) and there have been numerous vessels ever since. Alexander the Great, some of the Pharaoh’s, etc. This is a spiritual warfare, and it has been going on for millennia. Yes, you are right: the Councils of Evil are attempting to do it again, and this time they will get further because many people have fallen away from having any real connection with God.

Notice how Stalin and Hitler targeted Jews and Christians primarily? Why is that? It is because the Jews are originally a “beacon people” who were meant to preserve God’s word in a completely corrupt and evil world, and Christians, because, as Christians, we are meant to try to be representatives and ambassadors on earth for  Jesus Christ. We are considered enemy operatives by the Satanic New World Order. They literally hate us. I can feel it. We are lucky still in the U.S. because at least we are not getting slaughtered for our beliefs, but that day is soon coming.

The only real rebellion cannot occur physically. It has to occur in our hearts and our minds and we have to “hold fast our faith.”

Killing and violence only play into the Enemy’s hands and accomplishes their mission.

Ephesians 6:10-20 sums it up nicely.