Wednesday, December 20, 2017

No Anxiety: A Modern Day Psalm

Be anxious over nothing, but with prayer and simple asking give thanks to Jesus.
those barking demon hounds abound
in my mind
when I’m looking down and around
rather than
up and at the Holy One
who paid the bill with his blood.
why do the sickos want to get me sick also?
why does the TV want to make me stupid and Godless?
why do the ads of the adversary tell me “anything but Jesus…” will make it all-right?
and why do I sometimes listen?
Because they really don’t know what they are doing. 
and that’s been me,
and sometimes I forget who it is
that has, is, and will
make us whole:
You, Jesus.
Thank you.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

beware the supradimensional con-artists

They may just try to sell you on some garbage, like how you are just a mouse in a cage meant for their study/amusement, and they have implanted every memory you’ve ever had, and now that you know the gig, you might as well let them put you up on an altar and sacrifice you. Or, if that doesn’t get your fancy, perhaps you could just go drive your car into your garage with a headful of acid, close the door and ease out while listening to Pink Floyd.
Yeah, they always seem to suggest death as part of their ideas for what you should do—telling, no?

Let me put it to you straight: if you ever see an eye manifest atop someone's head, and he or she seems to be infiltrating your mind telepathincally, don’t freak out. Just play along, act timid and scared, then bide your time and wait for an escape route. That is, unless they pump you full of thorazine to the point where you are drooling all over yourself, your tongue can’t stay in your mouth and you feel like they are making you arificially Down’s Syndromatic…at this point, call on the name of Jesus Christ and pray. Actually, you should do that anyway. These f@$%^&s don’t play games, trust me, I know. They do not have sense of humors, and their mission is to nullify you, destroy your identity, then either leech the life-force out of you and toss your husk away or reprogram you for some other bullshit endeavors they got on their mind, which usually entails screwing over some other poor rube and doing the same thing to him.

Why? you ask. Why indeed. Because these cyclopian sob’s are motherf%^$#$s, that’s why. I apologize for the language, but that is the case. They lie, they deceive, they mess with minds, they manipulate, they hack, they agitate, they instigate, they provoke, they pretend, and they are tough bastards. They will destroy you if you don’t get with the program, and that program is with Yeshua. (They completely detest Yeshua Messiah—the real Jesus Christ.)