Monday, June 27, 2016

Although They Claimed To Be Wise

Much akin to letting someone who is brainwashed know they are brainwashed, or someone who thinks wrestling is real that it’s not…they are living in an echo chamber, whereupon their data input is plugged into them via the same old sources that they have gotten comfortable with, but who continue to feed them the same information. this is our society now. we are obese, abused, messed with, and lied too so much that we don’t even know what the truth looks like. someone who comes in and tries to signal jam the system is seen as either an insane man, or a dangerous man, or simply a fool. Again: Plato’s cave allegory.

The "Wise Ones" clamor:

"You trust in Jesus Christ? You are a fool”

“You don’t believe in evolution? you are an idiot.”

“You think fetuses are live beings that have value? you are an anti-free choice hater!”

“You subscribe to the notion that men and women are physiologically different? You are anti-science.”

This is a lunatic planet. When Christ said that the master of lies rules this world, I thought it would be some clever, uber deceptive thing that wold be hard to detect. but this is ludicrous. this is what Orwell meant by the 2+2=5 routine in 1984; the lie is so obvious, but no one dares point it out for fear of being painfully branded. Regardless: this is why the war is on, and the battle is via Truth. Truth doesn’t need to defend itself for it stands on it’s own merit. the only thing is to adhere to the truth. once you sense something is wrong, and that manipulation is setting in, and you are being cajoled into giving up Truth, you are under attack. This is like Peter denying Christ; he was afraid of being made mockery of (and worse).

Same shit.

Point is: always be on the lookout. Liars and agents of lies are everywhere. Many might not be intentionally doing it (forgive them, they know not what they do); but that doesn’t mean you have to appease them. Appeasement is the best way to let Antichristian zeitgiest into the arena. This must be stopped by all measures available that works: and that is via the spirit of Truth.


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