Saturday, October 15, 2016

You Are a Spiritual Insurgent... least with regards to the "Word System" that it seems Satan currently has a lease on.

Think about this: every time anyone prays the "Disciples Prayer" (or, as is popularly known as the "Lord's Prayer") you are in fact asking for a revolution to occur.

Think about it: "thine Kingdom come..."

Let's just put flesh and blood on this, shall we?

You are an operative working against communism in Poland.  Let's just pretend it's during the Cold War. You are on the phone with some Big Wigs in Washington, asking them "can you come and implement your government here, please?"

That is essentially what you are doing every time you ask Father Yahweh for his Kingdom to come. It is right there: "on earth, as it is in Heaven."

Back to our Cold War analogy: "Here in Poland, as you guys have it in the United States."

Same thing. We are asking for an usurpation of the current political system, no matter where you live.

And this request, performed daily, is a reminder of who we serve and to what system our primary allegiance is toward: God's system. Though we might enjoy being ambassadors stationed in an outpost of a relatively prosperous system like that of "the West", we are still primarily citizens of God's Kingdom. And we are looking forward to it usurping ALL earthly governments.

Remember this, for in the future you may be asked to choose your allegiance...

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