Wednesday, September 7, 2016

and the message of the day is…

“Coming soon”…

That is it.
The snatching away.
The mark.
The Beast Kingdom.

The ones that wish to do more than enslave you; they wish to commandeer your soul and repurpose it... they wish to turn you into a machine that will go ahead and do battle with the Mighty One, yes, and you just might do it.

What if that were true?

What if interdimensional beings with eyes in their foreheads and abilities far advanced than the normal humans were incognito getting ready to spring a fast one on the human race? and this were simply the build-up?

And suppose a few rubes figured it out?
What then? Would you believe them?
No, you wouldn’t. You would look at them as though they “were one of those people.”

So what should that rube do? Just sit tight and wait for it to happen? Or warn as many as he can?
 Write in code and pretend like everything is ok, maybe even feign like “back in the day" he must’ve been a crazy dude with all them wild ideas…

Yeah, that is it.

Except, of course, there is a highly sophisticated network outside space-time and he has complete access to it.

More powerful than go-ogle.
More sophisticated than the latest military hardware.
And it’s right there in his mind.

The only problem: because it is outside space-time, the “results” don’t come as they would in this dimension. What seems like a strange result which arrives days, weeks, or even years later is actually no time in the dimension outside this one.

But that is the ticket: maintaining a two-way communication as often as possible with this—for it is there that the enemies of the Beast Kingdom reside, and when it is Time on earth, said enemy will return and it ain’t going to be a very pretty sight.

Many will be bewildered, not having a clue as to goings on. It will probably seem like a civilization that has been slipped high powered LSD unawares—there will be mass freak-outs and at that point, I am certain anything will go. The “prepared” ones in high levels of government will hit their underground bunkers, and it is probably there they will be entombed until the Day of Reckoning comes…

Stay connected, kids. The Eternal One ain't going to let this party go on forever.

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