Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Captain Hasn't Forgotten About You

When you start witnessing third-eyes manifesting on foreheads, shadow figures paralyzing you in a sleep that feels like you’re awake,
when there are thoughts penetrating your head but you know they are not yours and you know you are not insane,
when you feel that presence but can’t quite put your finger on it,
when you could’ve sworn that for a brief second that politician on the TV looked directly at you and for a flash, had a lizard-quality about him,
when they attempt to convince you that it is hopeless, futile, and a big joke all at your expense,
when they try to fool you into joining their side, only to screw you big-time,
when they try to get you to see your own destruction as a good thing, (for the planet, for the good of the nation, for the fuck of it…),
when the most dangerous place to live is in the womb,
when they say you have no right to defend yourself,
when all they do is lie to you,
when murder is fine, and the selling of murder is no big deal,
when those of the supernatural attempt to convince you that the supernatural realm doesn’t exist, when sickness is en vogue,
when there is no such thing as ethics and many do not even know what that word means,
when 1984 seems to be a children’s book compared with the reality we inhabit,
when they try to piss on you and tell you it’s raining, when you wonder if this is a fraud, when you see everyone around you buying into the con and wonder if this is some sort of ruse on their part, when the barbarians are at the gates and there can be no more denial about it….

When that is the case, just name drop: Jesus Christ.
The Captain hasn’t forgotten about you…

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  1. Wow! Beautiful & such poetic truth. The Captin must Be Proud and Bukowski smiles from above looking down. Hats off!!!