Monday, September 26, 2016

Mind Control

I have concluded: you cannot tell someone who is under mind-control that they are under mind-control. They just won’t believe you, no matter what. As a matter of fact, sometimes they might even think that you are stupid. It is rather strange. It is like someone you hear coughing loudly all day long, every day, say, in an office. And when you ask him if he is ok, he says “yeah - I just have had allergies for the past few days.” Then he keeps coughing loudly (like a yell-cough) day in, day out, for a year straight, causing silent madness around everyone around him, yet the chronic hacker seems oblivious. Then you ask him about it again, and he says the same thing. “Just a little allergy I’ve had the past few days.” OK then. I will simply hope that one day the spell will be miraculously shattered and the poor rube gets the help they need.

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