Wednesday, September 7, 2016

why would I need to be saved?

why would I need to be saved?

That, my friends is the thought process of the secular world.

"Hey, what purpose would your God serve for me? What advantage is it to me to go and do all that religious stuff? What is the point. Etc."

It would by like a person who doesn’t think they have a broken leg, who is under heavy drugs so they can’t feel pain and their “doctor” is telling them they are fine, yet you are attempting to tell them “no— you are all drugged up, and the charlatan who calls himself your doctor is lying to you…You in fact have a broken leg and it is going to be really bad once the drug you are on wears off”

That is the state of the secular world.

They have no clue that they are in need of the Great Physician, that they are in grave danger spiritually, and that the fraud who calls himself the “expert of this world” is completely lying to them, because all that conniving one wishes is to bring as many others down with him before his “practice” gets broken up and he is put out of business.

So what is the deal?

I don’t know. That is where I am at a loss.

What I think at this time is to put a word into Headquarters and just ask that they may run an interference program. Because, like anyone else in a state of denial, they cannot  be helped if they do not admit they have a problem.

And if I try to point out that they have a Problem, they will assume that I am “holier than though” a critic of their life, someone trying to brainwash them (that is the irony that always astonishes me; that those who are brainwashed think you are trying to brainwash them when you are attempting to help them; I suppose, to someone who is brainwashed, the unbrainwashing is brainwashing. Relativism is quite a dandy, eh?)

But then they might thank you later if you have in fact broken the spell, but until then, they will see you as the enemy.

Which you are.

To a demon, or agent of evil, or someone who is “under the influence” of darkness, you are an enemy.

Christ, when he comes back to claim what is His, will be “the enemy” to those who are not on board with him.

This will be the “strong delusion”. This is what Jesus warned against when he commanded us “be not deceived”.

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