Wednesday, September 7, 2016

on Admonition and Discipline of El Father

If you consistently insist 2 plus 2 equals five, God will correct you and say “no, it is not, it is 4”.

No matter how many times you try to make it five, you are never going “to get it right” until you bend to the will of God (which is truth) and see, then concur it is 4.

Same with fire.
You can continue to put your hand in fire and say “It won’t burn me next time.”
But it always will, so long as your hand is flesh and nerves, and fire is fire. God will say “don’t do that.”

This world is likened to someone who says “look at this God. He is an Asshole! He won’t even allow us the freedom to say that fire won’t burn our hands!”
That is how jacked this world has become.

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